In today's mini episode I'm going to talk about how by focusing on happiness we actually rewire our brains and train them to focus on happiness and th...View Details

Today's episode will focus on an ancient Hawaiian practice called Ho’oponopono. this is a forgiveness practice that will help You release stress, anxi...View Details

This episode is about how you are a human being, not a human doing. It's about how in this culture we focus on a process of manifestation which is act...View Details

SHOW NOTES: On 3rd episode of the Creatively Nourished Podcast, listen to Annette's story about how she lost 70lbs using nontraditional methods. It's ...View Details

SHOW NOTES: In this episode, Annette talks about mental flexibility, why it's important, and really how you can start to implement that in your life t...View Details

SHOW NOTES: Welcome to the flagship episode of the Creatively Nourished Podcast with Annette Lopez. In this episode, Annette dives into her passion; N...View Details

Hello, and welcome to the Creatively Nourish Podcast. My name is Annette Lopez and I'll be your host. I'm a psychotherapist who experienced how nutrit...View Details

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